1974: 1. Triathlon in San Diego

1978: 1. Ironman Hawaii

1983: 1. International Triathlon at the Klopeiner See with 111 participants.

1.4 km swim, 32 km bike and 12 km run

1st Male: Walter Furian 2:06,29

1st Female: Katharina Pasterk 2:41,21

Oldest Participant: Hans Plajer (54 years) 2:44:10,95.


1984: 2. International Triathlon at the Klopeiner See with 100 participants.

2.1km swim, 105.4km bike and 20.1km run. 

1st Male: Leithner Waldemar 4:48,06

1st Female: Katharina Pasterk 5:52,04

1985: 3. International Triathlon at the Klopeiner See with 152 participants. 2.265km swim, 112.5km bike and 22.8km run. 

1st Male: Anton Rattensberger

1st Female: Katharina Pasterk


1986: An „unofficial Triathlon“ for everyone organised by Manfred Plieschounig. He was the founder of the "Gösselsdorfer Volkstriathlon".

1st Male: Pasterk Viktor

1st Female: Pasterk Katharina.

1987: 1. Gösselsdorf Triathlon with 500m swim, 32km bike and 7km run. 

1st Male: Walter Zettining 1:22,37

1st Female: Traninger Ulrike in 1:38,26

1989: 1. "Südkärntner Berg-Triathlon"

1991: Austrian championships halfdistance triathlon organised by DG Gösselsdorf.

1999: 1. Ironman Austria in Klagenfurt


2018: The organizers of the "Südkärntner Triathlon" are a fusion of 3 regional associations (DG TRI-Team Gösselsdorf, LG Südkärnten, Schwimmtechnik Gebauer) as well as the tourism agency Klopeiner See – South Carinthia. The first edition had 450 participants.

1st Male: Daniel Niederreiter 4:07,02

2nd Male: Christian Nindl

3rd Male: Thomas Angerer

1st Female: Anna Przybilla 4:34,12

2nd Female: Gabriele Obmann

3rd Female: Sonja Tajsich

2019: The second edition took place in the "Strandbad Bellevue Alm" and had 440 participants.

1st Male: Sebastian Hanusch 4:08,24

2nd Male: Christian Nindl

3rd Male: Christian Haas
1st Female: Gabriele Obmann 4:41,02

2nd Female: Barbara Gerngroß

3rd Female: Sonja Tajsich


2020: The 3. edition was cancelled because of Covid-19.


2021: The 3. edition took place on Sunday the 12th of September 2021 and counted 144 athletes.

1st Male: Thomas Angerer 4:10,24

2nd Male: Thomas Messner

3rd Male: Jürgen Kühschweiger

1st Female: Enikö Molnar 4:54,12

2nd Female: Siglinde Kincel

3rd Female: Hanna Völkl