Swim cup - must be worn obligatory

Bib number

Bib number stickers for bike and helmet

Transiotion area bags (bike, run and street wear)

Timingchip (if you don't use your own)
Lottery ticket for the lottery after the awards ceremony
Bracelet with bib number to check out the bike




Swim 1h 

Bike + swim 5h

run 3h (total time: 8h)


Finisher medal for every Finisher 

Awards for the fastest 3 woman and man

Awards for the first 3 athletes in every age group

Carinthian championships

Lottery (you have to be present)

Age groups

m/w Elite (you have to state it during the registration process)

m/w Junioren (2002, 2003)

m/w U23 (1998-2001)

m/w 24-29 (1992-1997)

m/w 30-34 (1987-1991)

m/w 35-39 (1982-1986)

m/w 40-44 (1977-1981)

m/w 45-49 (1972-1976)

m/w 50-54 (1967-1971)

m/w 55-59 (1962-1966)

m/w 60-64 (1957-1961)

m/w 65-69 (1952-1956)

m/w 70+ (1951- )